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         My story

As a very young girl growing up in a former country called Czechoslovakia, I had one big dream of living in a foreign country and having freedom in my life. After 18 years later this became a reality when I moved to the United Kingdom and my life has changed forever.


My childhood was pretty good. I was growing up surrounded by love from my parents and my two sisters.


I remember one moment when all my sweet childhood dream about a perfect family had disappeared in front of my eyes.


My dad was very controlling and verbally  and physically abusive towards my mum. My sisters and I have experienced being shouted and since that was always worried say something which wrap up dad in wrong way.

My parents divorced so was brought up by only my mum and not much influenced ha was plain sailing through my studies and achieved my master’s degree in Environment Studies but I knew that my life had a bit different calling which was living in a different country and have a freedom which I was craving since I was a little girl.

I have been heavily influenced by my parent’s negative outlook of life and I wanted to escape from that.


Once I graduated, I have decided to move abroad to the United Kingdom to try to live the life without being controlled by my parents.


They say, “the grass is not always greener on the other side” and it was true, but I was not afraid to start from scratch and learn new skills and obtain new knowledge.


I have landed a first job in the office and soon I have enrolled in my bookkeeping course and since then I have never stop learning.


I had a bigger dream that stays in the unfulfilled job as I have ambition so moved onto the job to move onto a career in the finance which was far more excited. Then I undertook another accountancy qualification.



I have finally phoned my doctor demanding some blood test.

The result came in, extremely low level of iron which would explain my tiredness and while I was always referred to people as very pale. But that was the end of it.

GP has prescribed the Iron tablets, but nothing has happened, and my suffering has continued for another three years.

Only when my twin sister got pretty serious complications with her stomach then finally things started happened to me as her closest family member have been told to get tested too.

Finally, the final call came in and the result was POSITIVE for Coeliac disease.

First, I was not happy but I looked into it more I understand that I can finally start to work on to get my body back where it can normally function.

I have started working with Dietician who has introduced me to food I could safely eat and change my life to better.

Since then my outlook on my life has changed. I have done a lot of work practising healthy eating sticking with gluten-free diet but also, I have introduced vegan food.

I am a very active person and I am not only gluten-free but practising fasting and I have started eating vegan food too to overhauled my diet to better.

Its where it all started



Once I have moved into a more senior finance role that’s when I have noticed my life is starting to become far more stressful than I have imagined.

There were too many things happening in my life which had impacted me in so many ways.

My partner and I have bought a new house which was more 90 miles away but I have commuted for another 6 months before I settled into our house.

I had a lot of things going on my life, that time the job became more stressful, I was also going for interviews to change my job. I felt overwhelmed and stressed out most of the time. I was also studying in the evening and over the weekends to move with my ACCA accountancy qualification which required lots of work and dedication.

I have failed a few exams because of my lack of concentration and all the stress I have been put under.


I think my body was giving me all way the signals which I have not listen to.  Most of the time I felt exhausted, lack of stamina and only was to keep me going was drinking lots of coffee to keep me stay awake. I was always eaten very healthily and regular exercise. Other symptoms I had was a short loss of memory, called as brain fog. Daily battle with bloated stomach feeling like I am an expectant mother and things which was very hard to deal was the appearance of diarrhoea.


I have come a crossed the coaching community and this has intrigued me. I went through 12 weeks of accreditation I have signed up as I was sold. I didn’t have much expectation, but the coaching has blown my mind away. If you never ever experience coaching, you have to try it as it like to discover a new world.



I have started discovered lots of blocks and limiting belief which have I hold onto it which didn’t serve me.


I finally felt I have a purpose in my life, my stress has reduced to a minimum level as I have finally for coping strategies and techniques to practise on myself.



My relationship with my partner became better as we were in a dark place and our 10 years relationship wasn’t heading the right direction. 


If you want to transform your life lets have a conversation as if I can change my life, I can change your life too.

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