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What is coaching?

Is a process that allows you to reflect and gain awareness of who you are what is important to you, your strengths, challenges, options open to you and what action to take in order to make the uchanges you want in your work or life but also in yo.


Coaching involves the belief that the individual has the answers to their own problems within them. As a coach, I am not a subject expert, but rather I am here focusing on helping you as an individual to unlock your own potential. In my coaching I am using the elements of NLP, emotional inteligence to get you the best results.


 Does this sounds like you?

Feeling frustrated there is no one suitable on the dating scene and you don't want to waste more time with the search over the internet?


Feeling not confident to approach the right man and how to lead the conversation?

Feeling  frustrated, anxious about posting your profile out there?

Feeling stuck and don't know how to find the right soul mate?

​​​If you are answering more than 4 then Yes you should book your Free Discovery Call.

Book a discovery session with me so can start your transformation today

                                                  What is Discovery call?
It is 45-60 minute a free gift from me. It is a deep level conversation over application called Zoom which is a completely free application you can download on your laptop.
This discussion is chance us to understand your goals, limiting beliefs and what are expectation from you but it is time discover whether there will be a mutual fit for us to work together.
This will give me an idea where you are and where you need to be in order to get the transformation you desire.
                                          Question you should be asking? Am I the right person to help you?
From the early age I remember being interested about people and people relationship and helping them with their issue and problems. Through my own mistakes dating wrong people I have realised what is working and what doesn't. I am on the mission to help women to help to find the right man for them so they can enjoy and share time with someone for the rest of the life.
 I am accredited coach, NLP Practitioner and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. 
                    My coaching style and credentials



What can you expect from my coaching?

I am qualified accredited  coach by IFC. I have gained NLP Practicioner qualification. Recently I have undertake Emotional Intelligence accreditation. I am very excited to started  NLP Master Practitioner. 

I am very passionate helping and getting my clients their transformation life they desire.  In order to succeed there is element of accountability from my side but also my client is expect to do his part of the deal and do the work which is required.

 I have a calm but firm approach and I want my client to have a powerful transformation.This mean to me so much that my client leave the sessions excited and happy for the future hold for them.

 I am going guide you through the coaching process which is mainly through powerful questioning and if you need to a bit element of mentoring.


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                                               100% Money-Back Guarantee!

And just in case you were still unsure about hitting that ‘book a discovery call’ button, I offer a 30- day money-back guarantee.

If in your first 30 days of coaching with me, having fully committed and engaged with my coaching, you aren’t happy I’ll give you a 100% refund – no questions asked!

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