What is coaching 

 Coaching is a process that allows you to reflect and gain awareness of who you are what is important to you, your strengths, challenges, options open to you and what action to take in order to make the changes you want in your work or life but also in your pri.


Coaching involves the belief that the individual has the answers to their own problems within them. As a coach, I am not a subject expert, but rather I am here focusing on helping you as an individual to unlock your own potential. In my coaching I am using the elements of NLP, emotional inteligence to get you the best results.

 Does it sounds like you?


  • Are you not value yourselves?

  • Are you lack of self care?

  • Are you looking for the soul mate?

  • Are you fed  up of dating with any luck?

  • Feeling there arent any decent man out there?

  • Are you feeling like you are in hamster wheel?

​​If you are answering YES to all of the questions we need to book your Free Discovery session?

Book a discovery session with me so can start your transformation today

                                                  What is Discovery Session?
It is 45-60 minute free conversation over application called Zoom which is a completely free application you can download on your laptop.
This discussion is chance us to discover your current issues, what challenges are you facing with right now and how as a coach I can help you to overcome them.
We will deep dive into the root cause of your problems and we will make a plan of action how you can easily achieve them from where you are and where you want to be.

Why I am right person to help you?

Not long time ago I was leading very busy and stressed out professional woman who was always struggling to maintain a healthy balance between her work and her family life.
I was always tried to find a solution for getting rid of stress. In order to that, I was starting to working on my daily routines and stick to it. This was able to change my life and life of my family.
Now I feel I am in charge of my day and the day of struggle are long time gone.
I have became an Accredited Transformation Coach to become a better person by learning a lot about to use through different coaching techniques. If was able to change my life I can change your life to better too. I am using NLP technniques to extending my coaching skills.
                            My Style and Approach



I am a fully accredited transformation coach. I am a very good listener but I have an empathetic side.

I have a calm but firm approach. I am going guide you through the coaching process which is mainly through powerful questioning.



                                               100% Money-Back Guarantee!

And just in case you were still unsure about hitting that ‘book a discovery call’ button, I offer a 30- day money-back guarantee.

If in your first 30 days of coaching with me, having fully committed and engaged with my coaching, you aren’t happy I’ll give you a 100% refund – no questions asked!

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