Ditch Negative People!

I know i hear you it’s not always easy as you probably stuck with the negative energy sucker person right now!

1️⃣ Don’t get suck into their negative circle.

Maintain emotional distance from them.❌ 2️⃣ You aren’t their solution for problem

You aren’t there to provide solution for their own happiness.

You are only responsible for your own hapiness💯

3️⃣ Don’t respond to their conversation every time they text your or call.

Collect your thoughts before you pick up the phone 📞 to give you time to act in calm manner.

4️⃣ Hold on onto your opinion

It’s very easy to let your guard let down when dealing with negative person.

Don’t answer them in same negative way as it give them more ammunition.

When they realise you are not giving them the interaction they are craving they will go elsewhere!

5️⃣ Set the tone of the conversation

Try to talk to person with the positive outlook.

If the person always going about the same event or subject try to ask them something which they wouldn’t expect you to ask them.

What have you learnt from thus experience.

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