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Have a fun!

Never forget to have a fun and have time to relax!

Last week I was mentally struggling too much work to and not enough time in the day to complete all the tasks!

I think this is probably so common amongst the people right now.

I was struggling to switch off.

Couldn’t sleep properly as my mind just didn’t want switch off constantly analysing things I need to do.

I have completely abandoned my daily routines of exercising which I was very proud and I very much enjoyed myself doing.

I knew I couldn’t carry on like this for long as this was just not healthy way of living.

Things I have learnt from it.

1️⃣ Analyse which tasks are the most important and if possible put a date when they need to be finish

2️⃣ Avoid read emails as straight they arrive in your inbox. As they can take up lots of your time and energy

3️⃣Set realistic deadline for the task you need to achieve. Concentrate on only task which they need your immediate attention

4️⃣ Take a break!

Your body is usually sending your signals when to take break. Listen to your body🆗You are far more productive if you take them then sitting behind your laptop.

5️⃣ Relax -how ever you make you relax do that. I am back at exercising and all week I spend time with my son relaxing in our hot tub.

Comment below how do you relax?

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