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Never be surprised how much can you learnt from children!

Never be surprise how much you can learn from your kids!

My son got his new bike for his birthday last week.

I was genuinely prepared it will take him few days before he will master it new boys’s bike.

Yes I got it absolutely wrong!Yep took him 20 minutes before he got it well chuffed and proud❤️ Kids they don’t know the fear of unknown.

They don’t care they will fall and fall again until they get it.

They don’t care whether they will be judge.

They don’t compare themselves with their peers.

Their are just enjoying the moment how they master new skill and enjoy it to maximum.

Kids adapt to new things far better.

So if you want to learn something new, learn and just embrace the fact you will be better position they you were before. Look at this like child look at it you get different outlook on it.

Don’t compare yourself with others☝️ Don’t be afraid to fail

Enjoy yourself in the process of learning👍

Be yourself

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