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Giselle Cote

I highly recommend Barbora. She is not only sweet but so understanding and knows exactly how to get me solve my problems. Barbora made me feel seen and heard.


Paris Vaughan

I began working Barbora at the beginning of my enterpreneurial journey. I am so thankful that I was able to work with her from start.I was stress out and had limiting beliefs about running my own business.

Barbora provides a safe space for me to openly express my concerns. Her relaxed and calming demeanaur made it easy for me to open up, allowing me to discover why I was feeling this way. Together we created a daily balanced routine which not only helped prioritise my time affectively  but in place time for good healthy habits and self care.

I truly thankful to Barbora for everything  she has helped me overcome.

So if you are feeling stressed out and ready to transform your life so you can overcome what has been holding you back. I highly recommend working with Barbora.


Kelly Tamplin

I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Barbora.

When we began our coaching session I was overwhelmed and stressed out about the amount of things that I had going on in my life.

Barbora asked me some very powerful questions and  really made me see certain situations from different perspective and connect me back to me why.

I was able to transform the way I worked and even for the first time in long time I have found balance in my life again. 

I would highly recommend coaching with Barbora. She is incredibly knowledgeable and talks from experience really transformative coach. Honestly you've made such a difference my life! Thank you!

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